March 9 – 26, 2000
Bank Street Theatre


Written by: Peter Mercurio

Directed by: Chuck Blasius

Cast: Melanie Bean, Kieran Campion, Stephen Guarino, Marty Miller, Mark Shunock, Jennifer A. Skinner

Stage Manager: Sheilah James

Set Design: John Flanagan

Lighting Design: Rob Hilliard

Sound: Roger Anderson

Costume Design: Ricky Lizalde

Choreography: Stephen Guarino

Scenic Artist: Julie Chrobak

Tech Board Operator: Mason Scherzer

Production Assistants: Gary Bell, Sarah Donovan, Joe Hosking, Danny Stewart


Andrew Reaches The Other Side is a very enjoyable post-liberation gay play.

Perfectly delightful with a strong cast, interesting characters, and a well-written script.

Peter Mercurio is a talented new playwright who has succeeded in writing a ‘different kind of coming-out story.' He will make a substantial contribution to American culture in the 21st century. I look forward to following his progress over the next few years.

Andrew Reaches The Other Side is... achingly sweet... features inventive touches... and charming actors...


I dragged three unwilling friends to see the show. By the finale, we were all unanimous in our praise of both the production and performances. It is very refreshing to see a play about a gay relationship that does not involve nudity or pandering vulgarity yet still manages to be sexy and believable. Thanks for a great afternoon at the theatre.

Thank you...I'm just sorry I didn't see the play earlier so I could tell more people about it.

Congratulations on your recent project Andrew Reaches the Other Side. It was an enjoyable and heartening to see a gay play which doesn't find any excuse to have male actors running around naked.